The combination of symphonic rock with psychedelic influences and synthesizer music is called Nangyala. The reference to an utopian fantasy world is not a coincidence.

The sphere is being created by six musicians, with different kind of musical backgrounds, using specialities like a Hammond organ, synthesizers and various effects. More than one vocalist leads to the consequence of much vocal variation.

The main part of the repertory consists of own material, but next to it the band plays some covers from Pink Floyd and Marillion. Wherever possible, the live gigs are supported by spectacular visual effects like a screen with projections and a light show.

Nangyala proceeded from the Pink Project, which played the complete album "The Wall" from Pink Floyd live on stage, including the original theater show. Highlights during the existence of this project are the performances in the Korzo theater (The Hague) in march '95 (sold out completely), the Kralingen Indoor festival in Nighttown (Rotterdam) in July '95 and in the Rijswijkse Schouwburg (in Rijswijk) in December '96 (almost sold out).

Since the establishment in April '95 the band constructed some reputation by performances in the Netherlands. By originality in music and performance Nangyala guarantees a particular experience.

Line Up:
Peter Chattelin : Bass and vocals
Pieter Hanja : Lead Guitar
Danyo Romijn : Synthesizer / Guitar
Tom Spaapen : Keyboard / Guitar
Geronio Welling : Drums
Daniel Woltgens : Lead Vocals


The name Nangyala is not arbitrarily chosen. Originally the name 'Nangijala' comes from the book 'The brothers Lionheart' written by Astrid Lindgren, in which 'Nangijala' is a kind of hereafter.

Nangyala started in April 1995 just after the performance of "Pink Project", which played "The Wall" from Pink Floyd live on stage in March 1995. After this performance 5 out of 12 musicians of the project wanted to continue as a band. Peter Chattelin (the man behind Pink Project) on vocals and bass, Alex Armaos on vocals and guitars, Stefan van den Anker on guitars, Tom Spaapen and Danyo Romijn on keyboards. First they continued playing some Pink Floyd covers like "Echoes" and "Comfortably Numb", a month later they started writing own material. In June 1995 they invited Geronio Welling as drummer, which made the line-up complete.

After 2 years and several live performances, the debut CD "Spheres" was released in the summer of 1997. The next year, lead singer and lead guitarist Alex Armaos had to leave the band because of his military service in the Greek army for 2 years. The new lead guitarist Pieter Hanja joined the band just one month later, but a new lead singer was harder to find. After the summer holiday the band invited Daniel Woltgens and the band counted 7 musicians. Because the music was too full with 2 guitar players and 2 keyboard players they decide that it would be better that Stefan van den Anker had to leave the band.